10 Types of Fruit That Are Low In Sugar

Avocado is technically a fruit, and it is very low in sugar while being rich in healthy fats and various nutrients.


Lemons are known for their tartness and have minimal sugar content, making them a great choice for adding flavor to dishes and beverages.


Like lemons, limes are low in sugar and are often used to add a tangy taste to various recipes.


Raspberries are relatively low in sugar compared to other berries, and they are high in fiber and antioxidants.


Blackberries have a moderate sugar content compared to other fruits, and they are also a good source of fiber.


Strawberries are relatively low in sugar and provide a good amount of vitamin C and other nutrients.


Kiwi is a tropical fruit with relatively low sugar content and high in vitamin C and vitamin K.


Watermelon is relatively low in sugar compared to other sweet fruits, and it is a hydrating and refreshing option.