10 Overrated Food Trends People Want to Banish from Menus

Avocado Toast Extravaganza

Avocado toast has become overly complex and expensive with extravagant toppings, and people want simpler alternatives.

Deconstructed Everything

Deconstructed dishes have lost their novelty, and diners prefer complete, beautifully presented meals.

Rainbow-Colored Foods

Unnatural rainbow-colored foods with artificial dyes are out; people prefer natural colors from fresh ingredients.

Excessive Microgreens

Microgreens have taken over dishes; diners want chefs to use them as delicate garnishes, not overwhelming greens.

Unnecessary Foam

Foams are seen as gimmicky and unnecessary; diners prefer flavors enhanced in more meaningful ways.

Avant-Garde Ice Cream Flavors

While unique ice cream flavors are exciting, some have become too bizarre for enjoyment.

Over-the-Top Milkshakes

Milkshakes with excessive toppings are too sweet and hard to eat; people want simpler versions.

Pile-Up Burgers

Burgers overloaded with ingredients are messy and challenging to eat; diners prefer well-crafted, balanced burgers.