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10 Most Famous Routes To Travel In America

Known as the "Main Street of America," this historic highway stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica, passing through diverse landscapes and iconic roadside attractions.

Route 66

This breathtaking route hugs California's coastline, offering stunning ocean views and access to cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Pacific Coast Highway 

Winding through the Appalachian Mountains, this scenic drive offers panoramic vistas, lush forests, and access to Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Running alongside the Mississippi River, this route takes you through picturesque towns, historic sites, and cultural landmarks across multiple states.


Stretching from Washington to California, this highway offers a blend of coastal beauty, redwood forests, and access to cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Route 101

Connecting the mainland to Key West, this drive takes you over a series of bridges through the stunning turquoise waters of the Florida Keys.

Highway 1 - Florida Keys

Cutting through the Sierra Nevada mountains, this route showcases natural wonders like Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and Death Valley.

Route 395

This route through central Texas offers rolling hills, charming small towns, and a taste of Texas culture, including barbecue and live music.

Texas Hill Country Loop