10 Costco Items That Are Good Buys for Small Families

Costco's own brand of diapers offers good quality and value, making it a popular choice for families with babies or toddlers.

Kirkland Signature Diapers

Costco sells large packs of organic eggs at competitive prices, perfect for small families who go through eggs regularly.

Organic Eggs

Costco offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, often in larger quantities, which can be a great deal for families looking to stock up.

Fresh Produce

Costco's cheese variety and prices are attractive for small families who enjoy cheese in their meals or as snacks.

Cheese Selection

These items are known for their quality and value, making them a good buy for families looking to save on household essentials.

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Costco's frozen food section has a variety of options, including frozen fruits, vegetables, and prepared meals, which can be convenient for small families.

Frozen Foods

Costco's famous rotisserie chicken is a great option for an affordable and quick meal that can feed a small family.

Rotisserie Chicken

Costco sells cereal in bulk, which can be a cost-effective option for families who consume cereal regularly.