The 10 Best Beer Cities to Visit

Begin your trip in the craft beer mecca, exploring its countless breweries, iconic microbrews, and vibrant beer scene.

Portland, Oregon

Head north to Seattle, known for its innovative craft beers, local IPAs, and stunning views of the Puget Sound.

Seattle, Washington

Drive down the coast to enjoy the Bay Area's craft beer diversity and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco, California

Continue south to experience the thriving craft beer culture and enjoy the sunshine on the beautiful beaches.

San Diego, California

Travel east to the Mile High City, famous for its numerous breweries, beer festivals, and breathtaking Rocky Mountain backdrop.

Denver, Colorado

Journey to the Twin Cities and discover its thriving beer scene, known for creative craft beers and friendly taprooms.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Head east to Chicago, where you can explore a mix of traditional breweries and modern craft beer spots.

Chicago, Illinois

Travel southeast to enjoy the charm of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville's vibrant craft beer community.

Asheville, North Carolina