"It's so beautifully arranged on the the plate – you know someone's fingers have been all over it." – Julia Child

We met at Peels in the Bowery in fall of 2011. Meetings between photographers and stylists always feel like first dates: you assess each other’s online portfolios the way you would someone’s profile photo on a dating site, exchange a few e-mails, set up a meeting, text each other when you’re at the restaurant door with perfunctory “I have curly dark hair,” and “I’m wearing a neon yellow scarf.” You take a deep breath, make small talk, arrange a test shoot.

The shoot is the real date, the one where you decide if you want to keep going. Our test went off without a hitch and it felt like we were on our way to a happy ending.

A few months and several mouthwatering food photos behind us, we decided to move in together, metaphorically speaking. So here we are, Cookin’ & Shootin’ on a very regular basis. Our shoots are carefully planned, with detailed attention paid to lighting and food and prop styling. And, because we’d like you to be able to eat and not just salivate over what we shoot, recipes are part of our schtick, too.

Whether it’s homemade pasta recipes, stacked cakes, or sloppy burgers, Cookin’ & Shootin’ is a reflection of our eye—and stomach—for food.


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